Digital Marketing Ore-Commerce Development- Which Media Achieved More?

With many of the stuff you find online, there generates a misconception that web development, ecommerce and digital marketing is the same. But is it not true, as said before as well it is a “misconception”, here we tell you why and how it is a misconception.

Understanding the depth

If we see in general, all those things, digital marketing, and ecommerce and web development seem to be same, but that’s only on the surface, when we go inside the depth then we see there are some minute but very prominent ones that make them different from the other one.

In digital marketing, you get a platform to promote anything, whether a cause or a commercial product to sell it, it is about promoting things online and providing a bigger platform to reach a bigger chunk of the population so that there will be more and more buyers.

What eCommerce Websites do?

In ecommerce websitesyou sell a good/service to the buyer in exchange for something, mainly money or sometimes you can exchange another commodity with it. It’s mainly if buying and selling online. In web development, when you need to take something (some brand, some cause or some personality or anything) you need a website to them establish online and the developing of that website and all that online establishing work is called web development.

Understanding through an example: Let’s understand all this in one simple example, let’s just assume that you are the CEO of a brand (offline) GUCCI which is a clothing line, now you want your offline store to go online to get more clients and hence enhance and strengthen your business, so you’d hire someone to develop a website that would establish your offline brand GUCCI online, now this thing is “web development”, now you would also want that your products are promoted so that people would know about your clothing brand, so you would advertise your brand on Google and other media platform and hence create a market over there, this thing is called “digital marketing”, now that you have created a market as well, you will get customers and your products would sell, and hence this buying and selling is “eCommerce” and hence your website (the original one) will become eCommerce website.