Want To Teach? Educational Consultant Positions For You

After years and years of teaching students and dealing with an uncountable amount of different people, a retired teacher definitely has a very different experience and outtake of life. Some of them love their jobs so much, that they want to continue working in the education field. For an experienced and retired professor or teacher, an educational consultant is the best option that is available out there.

An educational consultant is a professional in the field of education who uses their experience in teaching to improve and help in curriculum development. They also deal with other issues that a school, college or an organization make face.

How does one become a certified educational consultant?

Be it an ib international consulting or a normal local school consulting, the basic requirements for a educational consultant are the same. One needs an Official education consultant certificate. It starts by submitting the application that states the candidates experience in the teaching field and in other education and professional services. They must be full-time college counselors and must hold a Master’s degree or any other degree higher than that of the Master’s. They must have really good references that may back-up their claims about their conduct and experience. Certified Educational Consultants are recertified every five years.

How much do they make?

If one is looking for a new experience then educational consulting is probably the job for you. The average salary of Education Consultants varies from country to country and obviously from institution to institution. One can share their expertise while simultaneously earning some extra money. Usually, the hourly rates of this job vary from $50 to about $150, depending on the experience and importance of the field.  Some of them prefer to work on a contract basis. They charge about $750 to $3000 per case.

If you want to make some money while sharing your experiences, then this is the job for you!