Buy A Central Air Conditioner

It was the end of vacation. We returned home to a cool house in Florida the most important appliance in Florida, the air conditioner, was working properly. We woke the next morning to a comfortable house. You can buy and compare prices of new and used central air conditioners on เครื่องปรับอากาศต่ำกว่า 10,000 BTU. You get to compare their prices online as well, this way you save you some money and get the best product as well.

On the way to her shower my wife noticed that the thermostat was not displaying properly. Actually it was not displaying anything. It was blank. She called to me from the hall and simply stated, “hey honey there is something wrong with the a/c”. Now technically I am still on vacation, but I cannot remain in bed after a statement like that. I quickly get dressed and throw on flip flops and head outside to check the breakers. I am relieved to find a breaker tripped. I assume I have fixed the problem by resetting the breaker and head into the house for a visual on the thermostat, and I am happy to see it displaying it’s usual statistics on the status of our house. I head off to make coffee.

It was about a half hour later when I am heading down the hall that I notice that the thermostat is once again blank. Uh oh. I don’t panic right away, but I am at a loss. I head outside again. This time the breaker to the unit has not tripped. I head over to another breaker panel the mother panel to the sub-panel I had checked earlier. I find it to be tripped this time. I reset the breaker and head inside.

The thermostat is once again displaying properly. I now fear that the breaker is not the problem however. I now dial the thermostat to a temperature that would demand it to turn on, and, as I feared, it quickly displays a dreaded PF and goes blank. I call to my wife and instruct her to contact “Comfort Services” and get a technician headed our way.

It is July in Florida and it is hard to get a technician immediately and they inform us that they hope to be available around one in the afternoon. We wait patiently hoping that it will be a quick fix when they get here. \

The temperature in the house in the morning was 74 degrees, but now at 1pm it has already risen to 94 degrees and it is actually cooler outside then it is inside. My wife, myself, our two boys and the dog are all panting and miserable by the time the technician finds his way to our house. After about a 15 minute checkup the technician is certain that we have a blown a/c compressor. It’s BAD.

He informs us that a new compressor would cost over a thousand dollars and comes with a one year warranty, however he states that our a/c unit is past it’s life expectancy and advises that a new unit, which would be around 3000 dollars would probably be a better value as it will be more energy efficient and comes with a ten year warranty. He also says something about a tax credit for buying the new model.

I hate spending money on things that don’t entertain or feed us, but a/c in this hot state is not something you can do without. I wish he could start work right away, but he informs me that the big boss will have to come and give a full estimate. I ask how quickly can he get here. He says he is not sure as the guy is booked with estimates.

Luckily for us my parents have a pool and more than enough room for us at their house, so we pack overnight bags and head to their house. The big boss calls and schedules an appointment for the next morning. We enjoy some quality time with the folks and negotiate the use of their window a/c unit that they have in storage.

The next morning we head back to our house with the window unit in time to be there for our estimate with the big boss. We are able to keep our main living room pretty cool with the window unit and the estimate is completed for our new a/c. We could replace with what we have for 5 dollars less than the 3 thousand the technician has quoted, but he tells us that we could do a small upgrade and have more efficient heating if we install the one with the heating pump for 400 dollars more. We have come this far, so I agree that the more expensive one was a practical decision. The worst part is that even paying today only guarantees us a new a/c in about a week.

What can you do. A/C guys are not exactly hurting for work at this time of year. At about 3 in the afternoon the window unit is struggling to keep up with raging inferno outside, but it is a lot better than it was yesterday. Toward evening it has actually become pleasant in the living room, but the rest of the house is voluntarily off limits. I acquire our mattress from the bedroom and we turn our 2 bedroom house into a studio apartment and all camp out on the floor of the only decent room to be in.

Within two days the a/c guys are back with our new unit. They make short work of the install and after only two hours they have completely tested the new unit and it is rapidly cooling the entire house. We shell out the full $3400 payment and deal with the hit to our savings with relative comfort.

A new a/c in Florida is something every resident will have to deal with eventually. Our first electric bill on the new system was easily $100 less than usual, so we have the comfort to know that within 3 years we will have recouped our loss and our monthly budget has a little more breathing room. All in all the kids loved the 3 day living room camping trip, so we made the best of it.