How to Earn Money with Your Blog by Using Adsense

Blogging is a money making business. But then money never flows in of its own accord, in any job. Placing Adsense in its proper niches is crucial for making good money with the new art of blogging that the internet has invented. To generate as many clicks as could be possible with the type of traffic that a person has, he has to place his ads most strategically. Without the correct placement of Adsense, blogging is unlikely to bring in the moolah.

There are many tested and proven methods that are used by marketing personnel, site owners, and bloggers to promote products, services, and ads and to rake in money. They have indeed found that the required strategies are not the same for all sites. Nevertheless, there are some basic principles that an individual should adhere to, to ensure that he or she gets enough clicks. Without that, the cash flow resulting from Google Adsense would be negligible.

It is really important that you get organic traffic in order to get the best results from your blog. As you have a lot of traffic on your page you will automatically start earning money from Google Ads or from sponsored posts. Hence, you can invest more on your blogging skills as well.

There are skyscrapers on the left side or right side of the screen. So is there a rectangle at the top where ads are showcased. All these are good for Adsense placement and might have worked perfectly for some who have used it. Still, what is good for the gander may not always be good for the goose as well. So just because someone has made quick bucks by placing their ads there, it cannot be decided that it is a foolproof method for making money for all.

The ability of the ads, to capture the attention of those who surf, is determined by what the surfers are doing or what they are looking for. If their attention is likely to fall on the right side of the page, it is in every way advisable to have the ads there. But if they are likely to concentrate on what is contained in the blogs, it is obviously better to place the Adsense in the center of that blog so that it would simply jump into their vision when they are scanning the page.

To be able to guess a visitor’s reaction, a person should try to view the contents of his blog not with a creator’s eye but from a reader’s point of view. He should try to decide which part of the blog is likely to catch the surfer’s attention most. Well-meaning friends can always help by going through the blog as a visitor would.

Nobody is happy with an ad that interferes with his reading, more so if he is trying to get some important data. But it is precisely with this interference that an advertiser manages to have his ad clicked by somebody. That is the main reason why people prefer to place their Adsense bang in the middle of something. In the case of blogs, visitors are, almost as a rule, concerned with what is contained in the entries. So again, it is advisable to have the Adsense halfway into the entry. But the reader should be told that what he is reading is continued after the ad.

Google’s policies on Adsense placement have to be strictly adhered to, by all those who aspire to make some money with the help of blogging. As per Google’s terms and conditions, one can have only two ads in a page. This rule has to be strictly followed even when one is placing the Adsense code in every post. If not, that person will be banned by Google from ever again placing ads.