Treadmill: Best Friend of Cardio Freaks

There is a popular saying ‘Health is Wealth’ which everyone has been hearing since time immemorial and it has become a lexicon of folklore. It is also taught in school right from our childhood that the utmost important thing in our lives is how healthy our body is.

Yes, that’s all very fine but how many people do you come across who adhere to this rule? How many individuals out of the nearly 7 billion world population take their health seriously?

Even the parents will admit the fact that while they advise their children to eat good and nutritious food, they themselves were no obedient souls when they were young. Let’s face it, while everyone is aware that junk food has a negative impact on health, but still they consume it from time to time.

The reason for this carelessness and indiscipline is that it is good in taste. It caters to the taste buds of your tongue so therefore no matter how hard you try, you simply cannot resist the temptation to eat or drink it. Only the tongue’s satisfaction matters, not of the stomach and the rest of the body.

Luckily, youngsters of the 21st century are more health conscious and while they too eat junk food, they are careful to refrain when time calls for it and therefore avoid becoming addictive.

The treadmill is a good machine for cardio exercises that help in keeping the weight in check which makes you healthy. The model sole f63 is the latest one in the market which has attracted cardio freaks towards them.

It is for the following reasons:

  1. It is quite affordable for the general class
  2. It caters to tech savvy folks due to Bluetooth speakers and USB cables
  3. It has a warranty to its name
  4. The motor of f63 makes very little noise
  5. It is quite heavy but easy to fold and unfold