John Grisham’s Books Have Revolutionized The Legal Writing Field

By now, if you are a reader and love reading about anything related to law, I’m sure you have heard of the best selling author John Grisham. Grisham has published a multitude of books and over twenty books relating to law.

He started writing in the 1980s and started with one of his most famous books called A Time to Kill. Perhaps you may have also heard of this title from the movie with Samuel Jackson. It is based on a black man getting convicted of a crime in the white racist South during the 1960s. The film also stars Mathew McCounley as the attorney. The film is great and the book is even better, showing the criminal system at work and racism, the KKK, violence and various other elements all mixed into his book about society.

It seems that every book that John Grisham writes is a best seller. His other best selling books include The Client, Pelican Brief, Runaway Jury, the Tort King, Rainmaker, the Chamber and the Brethren, just to name a few. Runaway Jury was also made into a film starring Gene Hackman in a film based on the book. Runaway Jury centers of the theme of a dying man suing a big tobacco firm in a giant class action suit. The plot is riveting and suspenseful and like all other John Grisham books, is very difficult to put down once you start reading. Personal injury attorney Baltimore also recommends this book to those who want some suspense with touch of legal realm.

His other book called Rainmaker is about a law school student named Rudy who is bankrupt and without a job. He finds himself in the middle of an insurance fraud scam and after opening his own practice, fights to give a woman the money she needs for her son to keep him alive.

In the novel The Brethren, a group of judges who are in prison blackmail gay men into sending them money to their prison and into a bank account. When their biggest client they blackmail becomes the president of the United States, the plot becomes thick and suspenseful with lives hanging in the balance.

In an interview shown on MSNBC, John Grisham showed his brilliance and his inspiration in narrating his life as an attorney for ten years before deciding to become a writer. He didn’t like to put in the long work hours required of an attorney and decided to write about the law which he could relate to from a first hand experience.

John Grisham’s books have touched readers everywhere and are especially appealing to college or high school students who wish to enter law school. All of his novel with the exception of two books covers law and justice, the court system and shows the lives of attorneys, judges and clients. John Grisham’s books relate to real life events and some of his books are based on real life events. Through his rich story narration, Grisham puts the reader in the story and his twists in the plot keep the stories entertaining and riveting. If you have not picked up one of his books yet, I highly encourage you to do so.