Real Money Poker Tips – Learn about the tips!!

Why do I play cash games online? Lots of my peers have asked me that. Many of the tournament professionals I know ask the question most often. There is a complicated answer to a simple question.

I specialize in Real Money Poker cash games online because I’m good at them. That’s the simple answer. The complicated answer involves why I picked real money games online as the way to make my living in the first place. There are many forms of poker to learn, there are many ways to make a profit in the game, and there are many ways to lose money in poker.

For all the talk about the fact that poker online and poker live are the same games with minimal differences at the highest levels I disagree. There are a variety of skill sets that each requires and some of them conflict. Live tournaments and multi-tabling online poker tournaments are two entirely different states of mind and while you can be successful in both, success in one doesn’t guarantee success in the other. I’d argue sometimes it undermines it.

Cash games online vary with real money poker live cash games in similar fashion as the tournaments conflict with one another. If you want to be truly successful in online real money poker games multi-tabling has to become a part of your game, while if you want to be successful playing live poker you have to milk the game for every cent you can while you are there. You have the opportunity for hands so much less often that you can’t afford to not be zoned in. Do you want to do sports betting along with poker? Then you can know about the betting from site. It will provide all the relevant information to the gamblers to have entertainment and fun. The experience of the gamblers is a pleasant one with the instructions available for sports betting.

When I started playing I quickly learned that I processed multiple tables quickly, and my decision making wasn’t hindered that much by shorter times to process information, nor having twenty things going on at once. I grew up excelling at video games, playing strategy games that required keeping track of multiple data at the same time, and sensing vulnerability. When I sit at a live real money poker table there simply  aren’t enough stimuli to keep me engaged. I don’t mean that as an insult to live players but it’s simply a realization about me. Cash games online offered all the stimuli I needed, and if they didn’t I added more tables until they did.

So pretty quickly, I learned that casinos were dour places where people slowly played one hand at a time, and live players struggled with decisions online players make in their sleep. Of course, boredom also made me vulnerable and people picked up on information I was displaying without me catching on.

I would feel nervous when running a bluff that I wouldn’t be thinking about online because I’d already be making plays two tables away. The outcome didn’t bother me because the play was correct. So why would I worry it about. Live, you got nothing else to do but self-assess.

For a while, it felt like any competent live player could tell what I was up to and I didn’t like it. So, I hit the online cash games where I don’t lose that edge or more accurately somebody else doesn’t have that edge on me. Next was deciding between real money poker tournaments online and cash games online.

I won’t say that my decision was made when I whiffed in every tournament I had open one day and watched all those buy-ins leave my bankroll without anything returning. I won’t say it because there wasn’t one moment like that; there were a few of them.

When I play real money online cash games, even if I’m running bad at every table, I can always reload.

The finality of a tournament isn’t an issue. I wasn’t discarded to the knocked out list of a tournament with a number corresponding to my spot on the bubble, I was simply opting to start another hand. A player that got lucky on me and sucked out was still going to be around to make the same bad play and not suck out.

Online cash games are not for everyone but they are for me. If you share my viewpoint and aren’t a regular online cash player you should be. If you are good at the game of poker you should start thinking about it devoting all your time to one discipline. Your bankroll will thank you for it—mine has.