How To Find A Good Laser Skin Care Center

Laser skin care centers have been springing up all over in the last few years. No longer located just in affluent parts of a city, if you live in a major city like LA, New York or Chicago, there seems to be a new laser skin care center on every major thoroughfare. How do you find a good one? Who should you trust? And what kind of recourse do you have if (in the hopefully slim chance if you’ve done your research correctly) of wanting financial recourse if they do a poor job? If you want to find more info about the center, then you can get the best treatment. There are some thoughts available for the people to get effective results on the skin and health of the people.

Here are some things to consider when doing your research:

  1. Franchise vs Solo Business?

Much of the new businesses you see offering laser skin care treatments are franchises. The biggest one is the American Laser Center, which boasts over 100 locations around the country. Their corporate website implies the locations are standardized across the board and it’s not apparent that these are separate businesses with vastly different levels of expertise. Our advice is to be very wary and do your research as to which locations have the best ratings on user driven review sites such as Yelp. Don’t just go to the nearest location and assume the expertise is there. It may not be.

How about solo businesses? The next few points will help you to navigate which ones look the best and worth a visit to narrow down choices. In the end, the more tine you take to do this, the greater the likelihood of finding the best laser skin center for you.

  1. Do They Have A Strong Web Presence Where You Can Check Them Out?

This is a no-brainer. There is no excuse for a business to not have a web presence nowadays. A good website should show you the location, the staff, who is in charge and their expertise. Before and after pictures that look real and not retouched, are valuable too. Are they listed in any user driven review sites? Is there phone number and email address clearly displayed? Do they work regular hours (which shows they are busy)? What other skin care products do they offer? A good, reputable and competent business should be able to build trust with your very first contact with you online.

  1. How Long Has The Laser Skin Care Specialist Been Doing This For?

This is information that should be clearly gleaned from the site. Beware of any business that doesn’t disclose this. You want to work with someone who has at least a number of years of experience. Where did they train? What qualifications do they have? Any laser skin care business who also do injectable fillers or Botox must have a qualified and skilled board certified physician or dermatologist on staff. It is illegal in most states for non-qualified staff members to administer these treatments.

  1. Do They Have Overwhelmingly Positive Patient Reviews?

This is critical. Glowing reviews are probably one of the best indicators of the quality of work that you can expect. Were there are variety of treatments done or do they seem to have more reviews for a particular treatment over another? They may specialize in something that is not explicit. Read between the lines.

  1. What Services Do They Offer?

A good laser skin care center will have a variety of procedures they do. Make sure (by doing prior research such as reading this blog resource) that they are clear as to what procedure is best for what condition. Too many places will have a specific laser treatment (such as the erbium laser) and will recommend it for major skin wrinkling or sagging when this treatment will not be effective. They just want to get patients in the door and prey on that person’s ignorance. Don’t let that happen to you.

  1. Do They Know What They Are Talking About?

You’ve identified a good candidate. Their site looks good, they have some good patient reviews and there is a doctor on the premises who does the procedures that require them. Great! Now you’re giving them a call. Be wary of the receptionist who doesn’t really answer questions but is doing more of a sales pitch. Ask to speak to the main expert on staff and assess their manner. Are they confident and professional? Do they recommend you come in for an assessment before suggesting a treatment?

  1. What Is Their Customer Satisfaction Policy?

The main thing to remember here is to be realistic about the end results. A good doctor or laser skin care specialist should be able to manage your expectations from outset. If you do decide to work with a franchise from the American Laser Center, the chances are you would have to go through their head office (based in Michigan) if you want any recourse. And it is a slow process that requires persistence on your part. They do not make it easy even to find their corporate headquarters on their website. Be wary about doing business with them. With a solo business, they are often much easier to communicate with and rely on patient testimonials and referrals for their business. You may be able to work something out with them that is fair. Remember to have realistic expectations and know what side effects to expect and you will be in a good position.